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OMG Scenarios - Dave Robotham (Court Jester)

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 OMG Scenarios - written by Dave Robotham (Court Jester)


Scenario 1: Joe's Bridge:


This scenario is a modified breakthrough attack from the BKC rulebook and is an attack-defence scenario. It has been changed to recreate the tactical situation facing the commanding officers of XXX Corps. The entire Corps was limited to travelling the entire distance to Arnhem down one double lane road with terrain either side of them that limited tactical manoeuvring.




Scenario 2: Screaming Eagles:


This scenario represents the bridge assault by the 101st and the 82nd Airborne Divisions. The forces involved in the individual bridge assault were relatively small compared to the size of the operation as there were many objectives to capture.




Scenario 3: Groesbeek:


The US paratroopers have been able to capture most of their objectives but they now have to hols off increasing German counterattacks. If they are lucky XXX Corps has made good progress and these valiant paratroopers will have vital armoured support...




Scenario 4: Nijmegen:


River crossing with two bridges...




Scenario 5: Last Stand:


Things get grim for Frost & co in the built-up area around Arnhem bridge...





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